About Us



  • We are a professional company that has been working since 2010, pioneering the path for Ireland into the next level of jewellery creation and manufacturing using the latest state of the art in-house 3D printing, casting machinery and techniques all to service retail jewellers, jewellery designers, jewellery manufacturers and various other industries.  
  • We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible so that the final product, that being what is sold to your customer, is of the best quality that you can offer.
  • Our goal is to build and to strenghten your reputation as custom jewellery design experts in what now has become a highly competitive market. We can service your jewellery design, prototyping and casting needs, along with finishing and project managing your unique custom made jewellery in the most efficient and timely manner possible on your behalf. You have the explicit role of servicing the public, our role is to see to it that you are backed up with a product that meets the highest possible standards and that brings value to your business along with a solid reputation as custom jewellery experts.    
  • With experience in traditional jewellery manufacturing and with the more recent advent of CAD jewellery design & manufacturing techniques, our company offers skills that originate from both the old and new world disciplines. Knowing this, you can have full confidence that we know our business enough to enable you to service your customers with even the most elaborate designs which previously were too expensive or difficult to produce.

Formerly known as CAD For Jewels, Performance Prototypes Limited has set a continued vision to retain its status as your number one choice for jewellery CAD/CAM & casting in Ireland.