1. Highlight the model you need converted
2. In the Mesh menu - select 'Mesh From NURBS Object'
3. In the 'Polygon Mesh Detailed Options' Display Box, enter in the following numbers:
- Density: 0.0
- Maximum Angle: 0.0
- Maximum Aspect ration: 2.0
- Minimum edge length: 0.02
- Maximum Edge Length: 2.0
- Maximum Distance, Edge to Surface: 0.002
- Minimum Initial Grid Quads: 0
(Do not Tick on any of the boxes underneath these values you have inputted)
4. Click on the 'Simple Controls' which brings you to  the 'Polygon Mesh Options' display - Move slider right to 'More Polygons' 
5. Click 'OK' and then press 'Delete' on your keyboard straight after in order to get rid of the polygon surface and lines to leave only the mesh on screen
6. This is a good time to add scaling to your model for shrinkage e.g. 1% for gold and silver & 1.6% for platinum and palladium
7. Highlight the new mesh you have just created and in the file menu, click on 'export selected' and using the drop down menu under where you write the name for your file you should choose STL (Stereolithography) as the file type
8. Finally, just prior to export, a box will appear on screen 'STL Export Options'. Simple leave the selection as 'Binary' and click OK
    - Conversion complete-
Note: When naming the stl file, please only use standard numbers and letters if you are going to upload through the website system as special characters will not be accepted e.g. *__%,.! etc....