List of Services


- CAD (Computer Aided Design) is how it all begins after the idea has been set. Taking the drawing from a 2 dimensional piece of paper and creating the 3D version via the latest specialist software in the market, allows you and your customer to view a design idea in full realistic images/renders before a cent has been spent on costly materials.


-         CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) is how the design comes into reality on our state of the art 3D printers and CNC milling machine. This process is a wonder of the modern age and has changed the industry immensely over the past decade. Our machines produce 100% wax prototypes that are accurate to levels not capable by hand.

*Our standard resolution for 3D printing is 25microns (.0025mm)

-          -  Casting is the necessary process required to complete the raw state jewellery product, even though this is an ancient technique going back as far as the Egyptians, modern technology has stamped its quality mark in this area also. The wax model produced on one of our machines is then converted into a precious metal of your choice such as platinum, palladium, 18ct, 14ct, 9ct white, yellow & rose gold or into silver.  Whatever your choice may be, we can then either send the piece onto you directly from here or you can leave it with us for further finishing.

-          - Clean & assembly is what nearly every piece requires and this is another service we have in-house for you to make sure your pieces translate into the high standard of product you require. The background skills of a bench jeweller can never be compromised upon in this area where quality counts and management at this stage can be crucial to the outcome of a design, we basically understand the importance of how precious a piece is to your customer and strive to make that show in our handling at this all important stage. As part of this service we use a laser welding machine which helps us to take greater control with accuracy and defect management of the cast product.

-          - Master Pattern & mould making are traditions passed down through the centuries by craft making jewellers. CAD/CAM plays a pivotal role in efficiency, quality & cost in this modern age. Master patterns can be produced in an extremely speedy and exact manner where a master rubber or silicone mould can be taken from, which will allow you to produce again and again the exact replica of your tried and tested best sellers or new collection pieces. 

           - Project management for your bespoke pieces is a service that we have the pleasure of offering to you. From idea to the finished piece, we can see your idea past every stage through to the end. Our all encompassing production setup offers in-house jewellery production like no other. From the designing stage, through the complex systems of CAD, CAM & casting and the further finishing stages.  Performance Prototypes has the capabilities to meet all your expectations and beyond.